Top 6 Best Carpentry Services in Tagaytay in 2024

Top 6 Best Carpentry Services in Tagaytay
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1. ALJ Interior Workshop Enterprises

Services:  All carpentry works, interior renovation, modular cabinets, furniture fabrication, masonry works, painting works, electrical, plumbing, and waterproofing.

Experience: 15 years in business

Employees: 7

Contact: Landline: 0977 6720597 | Mobile: 0917 5275156


  • Comprehensive range of services beyond carpentry.
  • 15 years of industry experience ensuring expertise.
  • Background checked and license verified.


Specializes in complete interior renovations and modular cabinet installations, making it ideal for extensive home improvement projects.

 2. Ancheta’s Carpentry

Services: General carpentry

Experience: Not specified

Contact: Mobile: 09499230425


  • Background checked and license verified.
  • Personalized service due to the smaller scale of operations.


Known for detailed and personalized carpentry services, suitable for smaller, custom projects.

 3. GP Carpentry Work

Services: Renovation, house improvement, cabinet making, landscaping

Experience: 5 years in business

Employees: 5

 Contact: Landline: 0909 747 1685 | Mobile: 0909 747 1685


  • Offers a blend of carpentry and landscaping services.
  • Background checked and license verified.


Excels in house improvement and renovation projects, combining carpentry with landscaping for comprehensive home makeovers.

 4. Symetry Design

Services: Construction and renovation, modular cabinet making

Experience: 21 years in business

Employees: 25

Contact: Mobile: 09452089206


  • Extensive experience with 21 years in the industry.
  • Larger team size allows for handling multiple and larger projects.


Started as a modular cabinet maker and evolved into a full-service renovation expert, perfect for large-scale home transformations

 5. Metalloids Builders

 Services: Full construction services including house building, tiling, roofing, plumbing, metal works

Experience: Over a decade

Contact: Landline: 09171406145 | Mobile: 09177216455


  • Offers a wide range of construction services, making it a one-stop shop.
  • Proven track record with notable projects like AVIDA Residentials in Dasmariñas.


Ideal for clients looking for comprehensive construction solutions from ground-up builds to minor renovations.

 6. NDC Helping Hand Carpentry Services

Services: Tiling, roofing, gutter solutions, house renovation, kitchen extensions, wall paint retouches, built-in cabinets

Experience: 15 years of overseas experience

 Contact: Landline: 09354983596 | Mobile: 09912215030


  • Diverse range of services ensuring versatility.
  • High level of expertise from overseas experience.


Specializes in kitchen extensions and built-in cabinets, bringing international experience to local projects, ensuring high-quality workmanship.


Tagaytay offers a variety of carpentry services, each with its strengths. Whether you need comprehensive construction, detailed renovation, or specialized cabinetry, this list provides the top options to cater to your specific needs. Choose the service that best aligns with your project requirements and enjoy the transformation of your home or office space.

Feeling overwhelmed by the choices? We know selecting the right service can be challenging. While we can’t recommend a specific shop without more details, this list is a great place to start. For tailored assistance, reach out to us at Yamsco. We’re here to help you find a reputable carpenter that matches your project needs and budget.

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